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Vibram Sole Conversion vibram sole conversion

 Shoe to be converted. vibram sole conversion

Sole removed and cork filler replaced with a soft sponge filler for added Comfort. Do not remove stitches. This shoe in photo 2 is welted completely around the heel, which makes the job easier. Sole can be cemented right to the leather welts. vibram sole conversion

Shoes with plastic or fiber heel base plates: Replace them with leather base plates. Some shoes may need a complete mid sole for proper sole attachment. vibram sole conversion

Sand soles, wire bush the welts and apply contact cement. When dry, attach sole to shoes. Place shoes in a press to shape them, then use the welt roller and them trim. Your final sanding should be as smooth as possible for that professional factory look. vibram sole conversion

Before & After vibram sole conversion

The Vibram© sole utilized for this project is style number 2345.

Today, the Vibram® brand is recognized worldwide as the leader in high performance soling products for outdoor, dress casual, and service footwear.

Vibram® soles since 1962 have been on the shoes of K2 conquerors and still now the interest for the competitive ascent and researching the Himalayas and on Karakorum is very much alive. Vibram® often takes part in the expedition organized by the CNR (Italian National Research Council) to reach what many define as "the roof of the world": Everest. On this mountain, at the altitude of 16,568 feet, is the laboratory "Pyramid Observatory". This facility was created for the purpose of developing high-altitude scientific and technological activities for testing products and executing medical and physiological research. Vibram® had detailed studies done on its new products at the Pyramid. By relying on the great experience of the mountain-climbers and technicians of world renown laboratories, Vibram® conducted tests whose results are considered absolute, the utmost safety guarantee for mountain- climbers throughout the world.

Vibram® soles have gone on to become a legend throughout the world. Yet, the search for better soling products has never stopped. Vibram® soles are now found, not only on boots, but on a whole range of fine casual, service and dress footwear. Look for the distinctive Vibram® octagon with the Vibram® name inside; it's the symbol of excellence.

 All men's full soles include hand shine,laces and minor rips. $99.95


 For futher information please call customer service on any question regarding this unusual sole at 1-312-750-0604 vibram sole conversion rapid pack mailer