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Jen D., Chicago, IL, 2/1/2016

Only same day - walk in shoe repair I've found that is so quick and convenient! Will be back!:)

Megan F., Chicago, IL, 10/1/2015

I'll have to update when I get my shoes repaired. I went in seeking information about the services, and what Sam could do for my scuffed boots. I didn't have money on me so I said I'd come back. Before I left, he insisted on giving my boots a spray, on the house. While the scuffs are still there, you can barely see them with that thoughtful touch up.

Tiffany T., Chicago, IL, 10/27/2014

I have to say, I thought my favorite black leather boots were done for. THISCLOSE to just chucking them. Half the sole and the whole heel missing off one, and the heel ground down on the other one of my wedges, with the metal exposed. Granted, it was a little more expensive than what some other people are saying ($28 due at the time of drop-off) due to additional sole repair plus heels, (reason for one star off), but they were scuffed beyond hope and salt stained to the bone as well. Replaced both heels with much better, sturdier caps than they came with, and half the sole of one, polished them up, and they look like the day I bought them! Pleased! Would pay the money again if I had another dire case like this one.

Justine P., Chicago, IL, 5/5/2014

Yes, the reviews are true. It took LESS than 5 mins and it's $6 per shoe to repair your heels with the busted bottoms/exposed metal problem. I'll be going here every time.

Monica L., Cook, IL, 12/2/2013

Fast and conveinent! Only $12 to fix me heels and it took 5 mins! So worth it! Ill definitely will be returning!

Brandon T., Chicago, IL. 7/25/2013

Really had a great experience here. I came in with two different types of shoes, and found out that the gentlemen in this shop know exactly what they're talking about. The first pair was black shoes that i'd bough on super discount from Express. Not somewhere you'd normally buy shows, and for a reason. They let me know what they could do for these seemingly plastic shoes, and I appreciated it, then took their advice. They literally resurfaced them, and got me at least double the price out of the shoes that i'd pay under $75 for. Next was a $250+ pair from Cole Haan. They had a small red win stain on them. After pointing out how beautiful the shoes were they told me what they had to do. There were a couple of options, I took the "Lets buff it and see what happens" one first. Turned out good enough for me and cost a mere $5. I know i'll be back, and I appreciate that they can differentiate between a nice and poor pair of shoes.

Jill D., Chicago, IL, 2/16/2013

I parked in the garage which is $6 for the first 20 min. I was out in 5 with my heels redone! That's service!

Albert F. Chicago, IL. 10/26/2011

I just want to say that you are the best that I have done business with you....continue the good work

Cassandra L. Chicago, IL. 10/26/2011

Sam the Shoe Doctor, has one of the best services. They have very welcoming employees, that have a great attitude toward their customers. They can repair almost about anything that you decide to get repaired. I gladly recommend this store to my family and friends.

Paula G. Cicero, IL. 10/26/2011

If you are a lady most likely you own at least one nice designer bag!!! I took mine to Sam the Shoe Doctor for some "sprucing up" thinkinkg that probably the scratches and stains on it would not come off. But Luis the manager there assured me that my bag had hope. Sure enough the day I was promised to have it back I was astonished by the marvolous job they did on my bag. Needless to say I'll be back for future service on other bags that need some of Sam's TLC. I totally recomend their service for all your handbags needs!!!

Jennifer H. Chicago, IL. 10/7/2011

I have used them 3 different times on 6 pairs of shoes (3 boots). The first emergency was a tip replacement on my broken heel to work fixed really cheap and while I waited. Second emergency at work the tip of the sole of my shoe came unglued - they fixed it in minutes while I waited for $5.00. Then I dropped off 3 boots in major need of repair of soles being glued, heels, and leather stitching. All of these boots were done to be brand new for a very reasonable price!! And my last one needed a large heel and looks new. I am so happy with the turn around time and service and quality of the work. I highly recommend them.

Susan P., Chicago, IL, 7/13/2011

 I had a pair of heels I was THIS close to throwing away thinking there was no hope for them as the silver metal was already exposed in the bottom of the heels AND those nifty little cracks between the sidewalks had gotten the best of the leather on the heel itself and torn off....I have passed this shoe shop a couple of time and thought I had nothing to lose...not only did they restore my heels to nearly new shape (they are almost 2 years old) but they did it in less than an hour and only charged me $12. I'm VERY happy to say the least and I will continue to take my damaged leather here....It's centrally located in the loop which makes it very easy to get to when going to or coming home from work...Thanks!

Carri A., Chicago, IL, 7/7/2011

I invested in some leather boots a few years ago and wore the soles and heels down to nothing. I took them to a dry cleaner/shoe repair place in my neighborhood and they did a crappy job. They just put a flimsy pad on the bottoms of the boots.

So I brought them here and the guy working was totally sweet and understanding. They were expertly fixed and I havent had a problem since. And only $20 for the pair!

The boots are back in business!

K M., Chicago, 6/4/2011

Bit of background. I was going to a department store to get my trusted shoes reheeled, and stretched - and was paying for it. After numerous attempts to find the right place, I found Sam on a whim when the handbag I loved needed monumental saving. I knew the designer and it is still a coveted item and one I still receive so many compliments on, even though she's moved on to jewelry. Sam matched the dark green color on the bag, redid seams and matched the metallic green detailing them. I am a patient person when it's worth the wait, and in this case it was! Since then, I've taken my beloved APC flats and he completely matched the color with a specific batch. He did my Anna Corinna bag, and has since been my go-to guy. I have since recommended him to friends, and personally I know Sam balances prices with great quality work.

Greektwn Gal l., Chicago, IL, 1/14/2011

I had three pairs of shoes that needed tips. I was very impressed that they did all three on the spot and in less than 15 minutes. Sam you are amazing. Thank you, I will be back.

Ari F., Chicago, IL, 1/14/2011

Brought in a pair of brown boots, a leather brief case, and an expensive belt that needed to be refreshed/repaired. They did a great job on all three. Professional and courteous staff as well.

Sarah-Jayne M., Chicago, IL, 12/1/2010

For whatever reason I am heavy on my shoes. I buy beautiful heeled boots and pumps and within weeks of wearing them the heel is a pointed metal nail head that causes me to slip and slide all over the place. Having just bought a brand new pair of Nine West and seeing that they are already wearing thin I decided to check out Sam The Shoe Doctor with some other pairs. Not only could he fix them there and then (while I wait) but it only cost me $12 a pair! I'm pretty sure I paid much more at a formally reviewed place! Very quick excellent service! I will be back with all my other pairs!