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Dress Shoes Repair - Gold Package

Price: $115.00

Our top Recrafting package restores your shoes with a Jon Rendenbach full sole, that is water resistant and will wear twice as long as any other leather sole. We pull all stitches from the welt replace sock lining as needed,  minor rips, heels and laces.  Next, we restore the uppers and polish the rejuvenated leather to a rich glow.

dress shoe repair bronze gold and silver packages

Dress Shoes Repair- Silver Package

Price: $85.00

Our silver package will restore your shoes with new leather soles, heels, quarter sock linings and minor rips as needed. The uppers are restored with a protective water resistance polish to a new glow-and new laces. western boot repair

Dress Shoes Repair- Bronze Package

Price: $80.00

Replace full soles using leather, vibram, rubber or crepe outsoles, a new heel and heel lift, along with a shine and edge dye applied. The combination heel and sole is ideal for all types of dress shoes. All stitching is replaced as original manufacturing. Repair includes cleaning, water protecting and conditioning, and an executiveshoe shine. western boot repair

Western Boot Repair

Price: $85.00

Full leather soles,new heels, minor stitching, and hand polish to a new luster. work boot repair

Work Boot Repair

Price: $65.00

Shoe Reconstruction (Vibram® Soles and heels, hand polish and water protected. The Vibram Technical Lug sole is a composition blocker for use on outdoor/work footwear. It is known for its award-winning design. casual shoe repair

Casual Shoes Repair

Price: $65.00-$75.00

Shoe Reconstruction Vibram® Soles and heels, minor stitching, reconditioning of upper leather, hand polish and water protected. The Vibram soles is used for casual footwear. It is known for its award-winning design.


All men's full soles include hand shine,laces and minor rips. $99.95


 For futher information please call customer service on any question regarding this unusual sole call 1-312-750-0604


Note: * Free shipping and handling charges both ways with in the 48 contiguous states on Shoes of $125.00 and more. All prices are estimates and are subject to change.


 Other repairs will be charged @ UPS rates.