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Other Repair Services

We are not limited to the repair of leather items only, we are also known for our excellent dye department. We dye and refinish leather merchandise as well as fabric items. Sam The Shoe Doctor tints and sells fabric shoes and matching handbag for weddings, proms, and formal occasions. We have a collection of over 200 styles and colors.

Our expert craftsmen, serving over 200,000 people a year, can restyle footwear, handbags, straps, buckles, and lining on most leather goods with a updated look for a fraction of the cost of a new item.

We offer many services for which the prices vary depending on the material and time requirements. buckle repair heavy zipper repair updated hooks updated ladder and cinch locks tri guied upgrade
Buckles Heavy Zippers Hooks Ladders & Cinch Locks Tri Glides

Service Prices
Strap Repair $15.00 & up
Strap Replace $25.00 & up
Buckle Replace w/Elastic EA $20.00
Upper Tear at Sole $20.00 & up
Elastic Replace on Strap EA $15.00 PR $25.00
Shanks(loose Heel) EA $20.00
Braces EA $20.00 PR $35.00
Sock Linings PR Ladies $20.00 PR Mens $20.00
Heel Liners PR Ladies $20.00 PR Mens $20.00
Heel Pads PR Mens $10.00
3/4 Heel Pads PR Mens $12.00
Tassels, Replace One, Customer Provides Tassel EA $12.50
Tassels, New, 4 Only $35.00
Zippers on Tall Boots, Install New PR Pair $65.00
Zippers, Boots, Replace Broken EA $25.00 PR $45.00
Boots, Cut Down $50.00 & up
Boots, Take In $50.00& up
Boots, Install Gussets $60.00
Cement and/or Stitch Sole $15.00
Leather shoe dyeing Ladies $30.00 & up Mens $35.00 & up
Leather boot dyeing $65.00
Fabric shoe dyeing (w/Swatch, Close, not exact Match) $25.00
Refinish Same Color Ladies (except metallic) Shoes $30.00 Boots $35.00
Weatherproof and Clean Shoes $15.00 Boots $35.00
Suede Clean and Condition Shoes $25.00 & up Boots $30.00 & up

* All prices estimates and subject to change

Special Jon. Rendenbach jr.Full Soles, Tanned in Germany with a classic vegetable Tannin; a natural process that is enviromental friendly. No chemicals are used in the tanning process. This new sole will wear at least twice as long as any other leather sole.


All men's full soles include hand shine,laces and minor rips. $99.95


  For futher information please call customer service on any question regarding this unusual sole at 1-312-750-0604 rapid pack mailer


 Note: * Free shipping and handling charges both ways with in the 48 contiguous states on Shoes of $125.00 and more. All prices are estimates and are subject to change. 

Other repairs will be charged @ UPS rates.