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Heel Repair

Many people wear the heels down sooner than the rest of the soles. Worn heels should be corrected to avoid foot
and back problems. We take off the damaged heels and choose the proper replacements to match the original
thickness, style and weight with the same or better quality rubber or leather. heel heel heel repair heel repair heel repair



Men’s Footwear

Ladies Footwear










Leather/English CombinationLeather/Rubber



Lug Heels



Recover  Heels( except reptile and metallic)



Replace Heel and Recover/Similar Style



* All prices estimates and subject to change


All men's full soles include hand shine,laces and minor rips. $99.95


 For futher information please call customer service on any question regarding this unusual sole call     1-312-750-0604 heel repair

Note: * Free shipping and handling charges both ways with in the 48 contiguous states on Shoes of $125.00 and more. All prices are estimates and are subject to change. 


Other repairs will be charged @ UPS rates.