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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I have Aldens, Cole Haan, Timberland, Magnanni, and Sebago shoes repaired?

A. We can refurbish (like new)!

Q. Can I have my Sebago or Timberland deck shoes repaired?

A. Yes, we can replace most soles on deck shoes and boat shoes, including re-lacing and any other repair.

Q. Can my molded shoe soles be repaired and replaced?

A. A new method has been introduced to allow shoe repair centers to do most repairs on molded shoes.

Q. I have Vibram Soles on my shoes, can you replace them with the same or simular soles?



A. Yes,  Virbam is making many new soles to replace worn soles.



Q. Can a leather dress soles be replaced with a Vibram Soles?



A. Yes, we can replace dress soles with Vibram soles in most cases.

Q. Can cowboy boots be repaired?

A. Yes, we can repair almost anything that is needed on cowboy boots including re-dyeing.

Q. Can I convert my leather to a Vibram, crepe, or golf shoes?

A. Yes, in most cases (click or Vibram on our link for samples of soles).

Q. I have a Rebock shoe with a Rebock Vibram sole. Can I have the sole repaired with the "exact" sole?

A. Probably not. The manufactures have Vibram sole made to their specifications, for the run of that style of shoes and usually do not have soles left over. But, Vibram makes soles similar to what they make for name brand shoes. This similar sole can be put on and will look and wear well.

Q. Can you stretch my shoes?

A. It is not a good idea to stretch shoes longer, for many reasons. Usually the shoes will be torn, out of shape etc, shoes can be stretched in width if they are leather.

Q. Can I have new linings in my heel or on sides of my shoes?

A. Yes!

Q. I have a high heel pump and want the heel lowered as much as possible.

A. Ladies high heel shoes can only be successfully lowered 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch. Lowered more than this is not practical as you possibly hurt your back, walk pigeon towed, stumble, etc.
The pump is made for a certain height heel by the curvature of the shank of the shoe. That is why excessive lowering is not recommended.

Q. I scuffed my shoes what can be done?

A. Scuffs on shoes can be removed in most cases, by a special bonding process. Recovering the heel in leather can repair Ladies high heel shoes that have scuffed heels.

Q. My thin heels have broken into two pieces what can be done!


A. We can replace your broken heels with the same or similar style.


Q. I have calf leather riding boots can they be cleaned and repaired?


A. Yes


Q. The zipper on my boots needs repairing.


A. We can repair zippers or replace the zipper.


Q. I need a new zipper and new handles on my handbag, can you help me.


A. Yes we do all repairs on handbags including locks.


Q. My Boots have spots on them that look white. What Happened!!!


A. This discoloration is due to the salt used to melt snow. The salt which is usually calcium chloride turns to unstable acid that discolors your boots and makes look spotted and feel stiff. We can desalt your shoe or boot and make them wearable again.


Q. What ar e the different types of leather used in shoes. boots and handbags.



Smooth Leather made from the outer side of the skin which the hair has been removed.

Suede leather is soft with resilient fiber which is the interior split the hide.

Nubuck is a fine short fiber that is sanded from the outer side of the skin.

Reptiles are skins tanned from alligator. snake, lizard and other exotic animals.

Patent Leather is made from a calf that is smooth or embossed that a special Varnish layer has been.applied, Also, can be a synthetic material treated look like leather patent. (These materials should not be stretched)          

Synthetic Material that are made to look like leather, Many inexpensive   

shoes, boots. handbags are made with synthetics, including materials that    look like reptile, snake, ostrich etc. (Do not stretch these materials)


Q.  How do I care for my shoes, boots and handbags made of different types of leather?


A.  Give us a call at 1-312-750-0604 and our customer service representative

will be happy to answer any questions. You also can email us at