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At, we're committed to providing each customer with the best service possible. Whether you need help finding the right product, understanding repair services or finding out the status of your order, you'll find the answers you need right here.

We always love to hear from our shoppers, so feel free to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives by Email at or call 1-312-750-0604, for questions or comments! Theresa
 5 Chicagoland locations....
203 N. LaSalle 
Mon - Fri 7:30 -5:00
Services: Shoe Shines, merchandise, while U wait shoe repair
113 N Clinton 
Mon - Fri 7:00 -5:30
Services: Shoe Shines
55 E. Randolph 
Mon - Fri   7:00 - 5:30     
Shines, drop-off, merchandise
115 S. Franklin
Mon - Fri    7:30 - 4:30 
Shines - Drop Off services 
135 S. LaSalle
Mon - Fri    7:30 - 4:00
Shines, Drop-Off 
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About Us
For over 100 years, Sam The Shoe Doctor has brought their expertise and reliability in leather repair services to Chicago and throughout the country!  Since 1996,, has been serving the country with fine repair services! 
We specialize in repairing shoes, purses, boots, luggage, straps, etc., and all designer leather goods.  We are also well known for our excellent dye work!


No matter which location you patronize, all repairs are sent to our new repair center!  And all repairs are done by the same technicians.
Call our customer service, or email us for information on all of your repair questions! Craftsmen


 Watch the following Video to learn more about our well qualified and experienced operational personnel!